Cucurbita pepo

After finally getting to finishing up the pattern and some deadline knitting, I was feeling like a quick little knit before working on finishing up some WIPs.
I knew the perfect thing. I had been wanting to make some of these since I first saw the pattern – mini pumpkins! These are easily one of my favorite Halloween decorations and now I have one that won’t rot.
Fantastic pattern by Wool Windings – “Miniature Felted Pumpkin
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky (stash busting- right on)
Needles: I used 10.5 dpns as that’s what I had, just worked it loosely
I also got to visit my purse and ribbon at the State Fair of Texas. As promised, cheesy photo of me and entry.
Frilly ribbon!

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  1. cute pumpkin and belated congrats on getting into the new snb book!

  2. I like pumpkin. Congrats on placing in the fair. What a great opportunity. I’m glad to have stumbled across your blog.

  3. What a great little pumpkin! I dont’ have any orange feltable yarn around here otherwise I’d be all over those suckers..
    Congrats on your ribbon!

  4. That pumpkin is ADORABLE!! Unfortunately, I don’t have any approprate colors that are feltable. Hey, another excuse to go to the yarn store, heheh!
    Congrats again on your purse!

  5. I love that little pumpkin!

  6. That pumpkin is too cute. Congrats on the purse and the ribbon!

  7. Love your little pumpkin, your puse looks great too.

  8. Thanks for the pumpking link – they are so darn cute!!!! Great way to use up scraps too….

  9. Did you win a ribbon? How exciting! The craft hall was always my favorite attraction at the State Fair! I’ve definitely missed being able to go since moving to Florida. Enjoy it again for me, will you? : )

  10. you found the purse! you look so great next to it! :) and your mini pumkin is very very nice. :)

  11. Cute lil punkin! Yay, you!

  12. The pumpkin is soooo cute! *insert girly squealing here*
    Nice job on the ribbon too!

  13. Congratulations on the ribbon!!! That’s so cool!
    The pumpkin is just too adorable!!!!

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