Reinventing the wheel

So what’s all this crap? Well I’m hoping to turn it into my very own Charkha spinning wheel based on these instructions. In fact, I’ve been rather obsessed with it since the idea rooted itself in my head. I’m modifying several of the components from the article however. Some things are stuff I’ve come up with and others are from tips I got off the Charkha yahoo group list. It’s been a good practice in overcoming functional fixedness for sure. I think half the fun has been strolling through craft/fabric/home improvement stores looking at everything as possible pieces.
The new craft room’s paint is dry and furniture put in place, now I just need to organize everything. I hope to have some photos soon along with some, you know, actual blogworthy knitting.
11/9/2009 – Just a note that the link to the Spin-off PDF on Cigar Box Charkha’s has changed. You know need to sign up to download it but it is still free!

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  1. I can’t wait to see how your charkha turns out.. they seem really interesting. I’m also curious to see your new craft room! I’m still deciding on colors (actually.. shades of purple.. lol) for mine.. so at the moment its still “builders beige”.

  2. That looks intimidating, but spinning is so much fun. Good luck!

  3. i can’t wait to see your craft room pics!
    oooh you got a chakhra spinning thingy! those are awesome

  4. Someone from our spinning guild sent this link along of a b/w short film on charkha spinning in India. I have only just heard of it, but it looks fascinating, and there is someone in NC who teaches it, so we may be lucky enough to wrangle a teaching session out of her a some point. com/watch? v=Z5PJrzLdAbk
    But I just got a wheel, so I’ll be concentrating on that for a while!

  5. how adorable is that!!!! a first project to do in your new craft room?

  6. Okay, first — that build-your-own charkha wheel is frickin’ awesome! I can’t wait to see how it works out. You’ve definitely got my attention on that one. Also, I’m excited for soon to be shown pix of your craft room. Gotta see how alike our rooms/storage solutions are. (ha)

  7. i’ll be curious to see how your wheel turns out. i downloaded the instructions about a year ago, but have been too lazy to go out and find all the components! maybe you will motivate me.

  8. I’m working on a charkha as well. Mine is going to be a little bigger than the one you are working on and will be put in an old silverware chest. I noted what looks like two henna (mehandi) cones in your picture of materials. I’m wondering what their significance is. I can’t wait for the next post in this thread! Your patterns are wonderfull and you have a lot of creative designs. It will be great to see what you can do with you own handmade treads!

  9. I know this post is over a year old… but I just have to ask- are those pretty mylar cones filled with henna paste, or something else?
    Henna does work nicely on wood, so it’s not a totally off the wall question… is it?

  10. Hi. I just joined the Charkha Group in Ravelry and noticed how great of a job you did on building your charkha. I want to build one too, but the one thing I’m stuck on getting is the spindle part you put the metal knitting needle through. The book has you use 2 buttons you have to remove the shanks from. Where do you find such buttons. I like the way you used the wooden spools.
    What kind of glue you use to keep them in place? What did you use for the “Stop”? And what did you use the bamboo knitting needles for pictured in your pile of building materials?
    The wooden disks for building your smaller drive wheels, where you able to locate those at Michael’s Crafts or did you get them from a wood specialty store?
    Finding the round plaques for the larger drive wheel is not a hard. Michael’s Crafts almost always have those.
    I have a couple of Cigar boxes and most of the smaller wooden cubes and some other hardware like the plastic washers and metal rods so the wood don’t cost any friction, but getting the pieces for the spindle is tough.
    Hayward, California

  11. I love your site!
    I couldn’t access the charkha instructions. Are they still available??

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