Inaugural project

Well I had to break in the new room.
Crappy lighting
$0.30 thrift tie + $0.20 felt = Cheap crafty accessory – my favorite!
I did a wee bit of backstitching embroidery detail. I wanted to add some green swirly thingies around it too but need to find a bright enough colored thread to stand out against the busy background. So I may still add to it. This is so quick I’ve already picked up a second tie to do as well.

  1. Love the tie!! The pink Lotus flower pops just right :) I’m sure your lovin the new room!

  2. Thats awesome! I had a friend in highschool who made a skirt completely out of ties—they’re quite the versatile accessory.

  3. Hehe! How cute. Great new room, too.

  4. Good job! Have fun and many craft inspirations in your new craft room! ^^

  5. Wow! That’s one awesome tie.

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