Vintage salvage

I love thrifting and I especially love vintage. You can’t beat a great one-of-a-kind piece for a bargain; it just makes all the empty-handed trips worth it. It gives me an extra kick when I can save something, re-purpose or mend it. On my latest find those darning skills proved helpful.
Cute 70′s era sweater
Cute 70's era sweater
But what’s this?
But what's this?
Nothing a little bit of also thrifted similar yarn can’t fix
Nothing a little bit of also thrifted similar yarn can't fix\

  1. Great find – it fits you perfectly.

  2. Wow, I am totally impressed. The top is so cute too!

  3. I’m amazed and impressed! How cool that you can fix it. It’s very pretty!

  4. Wow! Excellent job and super find. It looks great!

  5. What a great find and fix! I’d love to find something like that when thrifting.

  6. wow, that’s cute! I wish I had the patience for thrifting. My sister in law does and she finds some awesome things too.

  7. Fantastic! Great find and save.

  8. Wow! That looks wonderful on you! Great search and rescue.

  9. Hi! I looooove thrift stores! That looks really great with the fix. I”m impressed!

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