Valentine Heart Rings – Free Pattern

Valetine Heart Ring
Here’s a little quick double knit project for fun – reversible heart rings!
With just a smidgen of yarn, and a few stitches you can knock these babies out in no time, great for a little Valentine’s Day exchange. A little more info on how the technique of double knitting works can be found in the beginning of this post.
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Or if your heart is feeling a little more black…
Finished Sizes
Small (Regular) [approx ring sizes 4 (6)]
Crochet Cotton Size 10 or something similar weight; 2 contrasting colors. Needles: US Size 0 (2mm) or smaller (samples worked on 0000). Notions: Sewing needle.
10 sts = 1″ in Double Knit Stockinette Stitch.
See Yarn Standards Abbreviations.
With both yarns held together, create a slip knot and place it on the needle. Using the working strand of each color, hold yarn in usual manner for long-tail cast on. CO 17 (20) sts (NOT including the slip knot) starting with 1 regular cast on, then one Purl or Reverse Long Tail cast-on, alternating between the two. Tutorial for the Purl Long Tail Cast-On can be found here. Slide slip knot off the needle. [Alternate CO: Braided Cast-On].
Note: At the beginning of each row, take the working strand of the 2nd color on the needle and twist it under and over the other strand. This will neatly join the edges.
Turn work, designate the first color on the needle as MC (Main Color) and second color as CC (Contrast Color).
Row 1: *With both colors held in back, k1 in MC, bring both strands to front, p1 in CC; rep from *.
Row 2: *With both colors held in back, k1 in CC, bring both strands to front, p1 in MC; rep from *.
Heart Chart
While continuing to repeat Rows 1-2, work 16 sts [8 pairs] (20 sts [10 pairs]) and then start working chart. On the chart each square represents two sts. For the RS, the st on the near side fabric, knit in the color shown, and then p the corresponding st in the color not show. For the WS do the reverse.
After completing the chart repeat Rows 1-2 once. BO row: With both colors held in back, k1 in MC, *bring both strands to front, p1 in CC, slip first st on right needle over other two sts and off the needle, bring both strands to back, k1 in MC, slip first st on right needle over other two sts and off the needle; rep from *.
Weave in all ends. With one strand of yarn seam together edges.
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My little black heart

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  1. what a cute pattern, just in time for valentines day@! Mind a little linkage from us? (I’m compiling a list of little knits like this)

  2. Those are adorable! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  3. ingenious! thanks for posting it. Great pictures!

  4. Hiya, these are really cute! by the way, you got an very honourable mention in the Dabbled Black Heart contest…

  5. clever and cte…I am totally inspired !!!

  6. OMG – I love those!
    Doesn’t even look like crochet cotton, but I must admit that I have never taken much time to check out the different sizes of crochet cotton. Who knew it was thick enough to be knitable?
    Great work and thank you for the pattern,

  7. I’m going to crank out 5 to give to my friends going to French Lick for President’s Weekend and it happens to be over Valentine’s Day.Thanks

  8. Oh, what a cute little project! Love it.

  9. Hello and thank you for share. Im a beginner and have problems to make. i love it

  10. This is too cute for just anybody, and I’m hoping it’s in time for me to be able to make my grand-daughters one for Valentine’s Day! (I’m not the fastest tortoise in the pond…..

  11. This is the cutest ever. How clever of you. Do you happen to have a crochet version of this sweet little ring? Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks for posting this, very cute!

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