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Just sent out a finished design to DRG Publications for an upcoming book (yeay!) so not much knitting for me to show around here yet. I have been managing a few little things here and there however.

Raaar! I hold your double-points! This was one of the quickest easiest projects I’ve ever made- and they work great! Finger puppets come double-point holders, brilliant I tell you. You can get the whole tutorial by clever Robyn over at Sweet Little Domestic Life. I got a bag of multi-colored monsters at Party City and plan to make a nice set for my most used sizes.
Scored some thrifted things too. As I’ve mentioned several times on here I love thrifting. How can you not with things like this?
A cute owl painting with neat plaster-over-wood frame that just needs some sprucing up for a whopping $3.99. Flip it over and take a look at the signature.
1895! A 113 years old.

Robb Wallace



!! The frame has an inscription too, but a little harder to make out. A woman’s name, the artist, and the same date so it looks like the original frame as well. How cool! Some of the plaster was broken off on the corners so I took some wall spackling we had on hand and with a moist paint brush molded it into the holes. It worked surprisingly well. Added a fresh coat of white paint and viola! – new craft room artwork.

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  1. I NEVER find good stuff like that! 1895! Amazing and yet totally fresh and modern.

  2. That painting is incredible! What a find. I am a thirftaholic too :-)

  3. I like the stitch keeper idea!

  4. I am soooo about OWLS! LOVE IT! If you ever get tired of that masterpiece….let me know! :)

  5. I’m amazed at how well the painting fits in with the colour of the room!

  6. Brilliant! I love the dpn holders (I keep meaning to do this project, too).
    I love thrifting, too! What a great find! Are there any stores you frequent?

  7. wow. that painting looks great on the turquoise wall. really pretty!

  8. What a great find, Jen!

  9. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I’m flying you to New York to decorate our apartment. -=giggle=- I love the little touches and coloring. It’s beautiful!

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