FO: Mini Tricorn Hat

Yo ho, a pirate’s life for Meeee!


When I bound off for this hat I was seriously debating whether to rip it all out or to go ahead and try felting it. The proportions seemed off, basically too long. And while if I did it over I think I’d make it a little bigger and less tall, I’m still quite pleased with it! Plus it’s impossible to don this headpiece and not giggle and speak horrible pirate lingo.

Hat pins used to stab INTO the head, haha

I stuck my little yo-yo broach I made awhile back on the side as a make-shift cockade. I decided I still want a full-size version as well and will make a real cockade for that one. This hat is held in place by a black wire hair comb I sewed on the inside.

You could store little things in there!

To modify the pattern I used a single vs. double stranded worsted and decreased the number of stitches by 40%. The decrease rates took some fiddling. If anyone’s interested in my specific notes let me know I can type them up (amazingly I did actually jot them down). ETA: pattern notes now added to the extended entry! You can see a pre-felted photo here.

Pattern: Tricorn Hat Pattern by
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino, single strand
Needles: US size 9 (5.5 mm)
Mods: Miniature version of course! Worked in single strand, cast-on 60% of sts, extensive mods to the decrease rates.

Pattern modifications for miniature size.
For any round not indicated here follow original pattern.

Using one strand of worsted weight and size US 9 needles, cast on 90 sts using the cabled cast-on.

Follow pattern for ‘Brim, outer edge’.
New row counts as follows:
Round 5: 84 sts remaining
Round 10: 78 sts remaining

‘Brim, main part’
Round 15: 72 sts rem
Round 20: 66 sts rem
Omit round 24
Former Round 25: 60 sts rem
Omit one plain knit round
Former Round 30: 57 sts rem (only reducing by 3 sts)
Omit one plain knit round
Former Round 35: 54 sts rem

Round 1: 42 sts rem
On round 11: k2tog twice at each sides (used to set up next decrease rounds)
Omit rounds 12-15.

Top decreases:
Take out 2 stitch markers, so you have a marker at the beg of your round and every 10 sts thereafter (four sections). Your sts will reduced by 4 each round. After four-round pattern is repeated three times you will have 16 sts.

Now you will have 16 sts.
After ‘Round 22′ you will have 4 sts left.  Follow rest of the pattern as written.
Sew a cordinating comb to the inside of the back brim with matching thread or you can sew the sides of the hat to a headband.

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  1. It’s so cute!… *^v^*
    I might make a full size one for my husband! ^^

  2. It looks great,the broach sets it of to a T. Julie

  3. OMG, it is perfect, esp with that brooch!

  4. That is one adorable hat, though all I have eyes for is your hair, love the red!

  5. Awww! Love! thats so cute!

  6. Aaarh m’hearty! It’s a super scurvy hat!

  7. I am IN LOVE with this hat ans would LOVE your notes. Because then I don’t have to do math, he he he. avast, ye scallywags!

  8. Aarh!
    The broach and feather really do the trick. Can you imagine what a look it would be if you had a felted parrot on your shoulder?

  9. i love it! and i would LOVE to have your notes. I have a little toddler pirate girl costume (sick cute) for my DD for halloween, and I’m going to be dressing my DH and myself up as pirates as well (I bought DH a pirate sword and he immediatly warmed up to the idea)
    Making myself a cute little hat like this would totally up the ‘pirate chique’(lol) thing I’m aiming for!

  10. I just gave you an E-Award! And I still need your address :)

  11. Thanks lamina and lorchick! I’ve added my notes to the extended entry above.

  12. I hate so sound like a fangirl, but SQUEEE!! THANKS!!

  13. Arrr! There be pirates! | pieKnits - pingback on October 17, 2011 at 8:59 am

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