DPN Needle Roll

As I had mentioned before, whilst cleaning up my craft room I came across some project stuffs I had gotten a long time back but had yet to get to. With my double pointed needle collection growing unruly in my sophisticated system of tattered boxes thrown in a plastic bag, this project jumped to the head of the queue.


Inspired by Grumperina’s clever case made from a cloth napkin this worked up rather easily. Hurray for no hemming! I even got these napkins from a close-out store so I’m extra pleased with them on thrifty points.


In the center a piece of wide elastic is sewn down in intervals (mine were from 3/4″ – 1.5″). Then the top and bottom are folded up and a line is sewn in from the edge to hold them in place.

click me

rolled up, all neat and pretty

I added polka dot ribbons to mine for the closure. I should have gotten a lighter colored thread as what I had on hand is too dark to blend in very well. I contemplated either fabric gluing or sewing a strip of cloth to the center on the outside to cover my not so neat sewing but in the end decided I could live with it. :) As for functionality, it works perfect! It’s so nice having all my dpns in one easy to get to place. Now I can just toss the whole roll in my knitting bag and no worries not having the right size on the go.

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  1. This is so great! Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  2. This is genius! I need a neele roll and this is just so perfect with no bulk from extra fabric!

  3. That is so cool! I never thought of just using a napkin – what a great idea!

  4. Everything is lovely about this, the colour is gorgeous!
    Such a clever idea!

  5. Very neat work this is a good project, keeps everything tidy. best wishes Julie.C

  6. Very nice! I am sure it will be an improvement. It is good to be able to find what you are looking for when you need it :)

  7. How very clever! I made a knitting needle roll last year, but I love hoe you used the elastic… :)

  8. I LOVE this idea! I am a beginner knitter and need someplace to store my quickly amassing needles. Thanks!

  9. Very clever! Even with my limited sewing skills I think I can manage this. Thanks!

  10. Love it! I may have to tackle one for myself! I made one as a gift from the Stitch ‘N Bitch book. I was just thinking about how I really need one for my DPNs.

  11. This is so wonderful. I must make one today!

  12. I have an old knitting needle roll of my mother’s, which she made out of furnishing fabric and curtain rufflette tape. She wrote the needle numbers on the tape. She’d have loved the idea of using a table napkin – no hems! I’ve already had to buy a pair of needles twice, because I couldn’t find the originals. This will be first on my list for new year. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I am planning on making this for my sister, but I do not knit so I don’t have any needles. Can you tell me the length of your longest needles so I can determine where to fold my napkin? Thanks for your help.

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