Lace Zill Mufflers, or Zufflers!

For years, I had wanted to take belly dance lessons. I’d even posted about it before but for various reasons I hadn’t done it. Finally last March I found a perfect beginners class really close to me. I’ve been going since and I love it!

Just a few weeks back we had our first introduction to playing the finger cymbals, or zills, and I immediately thought, “weee! I need to get me some of these!”. Now my playing cymbals in drumline experience is actually coming in handy, who’d have thought?

Zufflers - Zill Mufflers! A free pattern

My shiny new Saroyan Nefertiti’s came in the mail along with an instructional video and I happily began driving my dog up the wall with them. So I realized I needed to make some zill mufflers stat, especially if I actually wanted to practice with anyone in earshot.

These knitted covers help damped the sound of the cymbal but it’s still audible enough to hear yourself while practicing. Elastic run through the final stitches make these easy to slip on and off. 

There are some nice looking crochet patterns out there but as I’m still woefully crochet-challenged I wanted to create my own. Using a doily pattern as a jumping off point this is what I came up with -


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Finished Sizes

Fits 2 – 2 1/2″ sized zill.

Lace weight yarn or Crochet Cotton Size 10 or similar weight. Needles: US Size 2 (2.75mm), Size C crochet hook (or similar size). Notions: Sewing needle, 1/4″ elastic or cord.


See Yarn Standards Abbreviations or Chart Key below.

(Make two, or four for a more subdued sound)
With crochet hook and using Emily Ocker’s Circular Cast-On (tutorial link) CO 8 stitches. Slip and divide sts evenly onto double point needles to join in the round. Work written directions below, or follow chart working 8 repeats. After a couple rounds pull cast-on tail to close the circle.

Round 1: K all sts.

Round 2: *K1, yo; repeat from * all around – 16 sts.

Round 3 and ALL UNEVEN ROUNDS: K all sts.

Round 4: *K2, yo; rep from * all around – 24 sts.

Round 6: *K3, yo; rep from * all around – 32 sts.

Round 8: *K3tog, yo, k1, yo; rep from * all around.

Round 10: *K1, yo, k3, yo; rep from * all around – 48 sts.

Round 12: *K1, yo, k2tog, k1, k2tog, yo; rep from * all around.

Round 14: *K1, k2tog, k3; rep from * all around – 40 sts remaining.

Round 16: *K3, k2tog; rep from * all around – 32 sts rem.

Round 17: *K2tog, yo; rep from * all around.

Round 18: *K1, k2tog, k1; rep from * all around – 24 sts rem.


Zill Muffler Chart

Zill Muffler Chart Key


Leaving all sts on the needles, cut yarn and pull through last stitch to fasten off. Thread elastic through all live stitches on the needle. Fit piece over zill and cut elastic to size. Sew ends of elastic together. Weave in all ends.
See more PieKnits patterns this way >>

Impromptu crappy lighting photo

Just for the heck of it I rummaged around my closet and put together a “costume”. Here’s where marrying into an Indian family is helpful, hehe! I have lots of scarves/veils, bindi’s, bangles, full skirts, etc. Just threw some on and snapped a few impromptu photos.

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  1. Heh.. its so funny to be able to go into your closet and find bellydance costumes, isn’t it? My collection of goth + Indian clothing lends itself to tribal bellydance quite well.. as does my obsession with Turkish jewelry & all things with cowrie shells & shisha mirrors.
    I wasn’t happy with the bellydance class here in town so I ended up with lots of videos. I highly recommend Rachel Brice’s videos if you like tribal style.

  2. that’s so awesome!! belly dancing is a lot of fun, I learned years ago, but was never really any good.

  3. What a clever solution–and pretty too! Have fun with your class. It’s always awesome to be able to finally do something you’ve been thinking about awhile

  4. What a great idea, and have fun with your dancing. I couldn’t do it, not unless I am really covered up and know one knows its me.

  5. I’ve always wanted to try belly dancing too but it’s a little too expensive in my neck of the woods. You look beautiful!

  6. These are awesome! Super fun and really pretty, I love the pattern! I took middle eastern dancing for years and absolutely loved it. Zills were a huge part of the appeal, I had a blast and still love listening to my practice music. Thanks so much for this, I think I’ll have to make some of these for friends. I’ll be linking as well. Shimmy on!

  7. Thanks. Great reading. I might take up belly dancing. Just got to find a teacher.

  8. Thanks for a great read. A friend of mine use to belly dance. Now her daughter wants to learn.

  9. yes i love it. come back soon.

  10. Hi! total spitzen netblog! Danke!

  11. Einen toller webblog habt ihr aufgebaut. Tausend Dank! Sogar euer Design finde ich gut.

  12. Thank you for providing this pattern! I love it.
    One possible note- it might prove helpful to amend round three instructions to reflect that round 17 is an uneven row where you won’t be knitting all stitches. =(

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