Cross Stitch Fun – Free Pattern

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a cross stitch but I remembered I had worked up this design a while back and then hadn’t gotten to it. Glad I found it again. There’s just something about working with an embroidery hoop that makes you feel way old-school.

Live Fast Die Pretty


Of course I had to find a delightfully overwrought frame at the thrift store to go with it.

$1 ridiculously ornate frame = win

I’ve charted this up and created a PDF pattern you can download for free HERE.


  1. Excellent ! I love it !

    • I was orgnniziag my cross pictures, looking for designers and names, ran across your site, and was thrilled to see them all so carefully credited, as well as how clearly you have photographed your lovely tatting! I’ve turned to tatting after 40+ years away from it because of disabilities and am really enjoying the tatting cyber-world!! Thank you again

  2. awesome post! Can you write another exactly it.

  3. I can’t understand it to be effective, any kind of ideas?

  4. Thank you so much! I’m definitely making this!

  5. Cross-stitch rebel without a cause. :)

  6. Hi…My sister actually found your site and asked me to make this design for her. However, I can’t seem to get it to download…anyway you can email it to me??

    I love all your hats and knitting designs….now to learn to knit!

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