One More

After the holidays at home (which were lovely), a trip to Vegas (which was awesome) and then getting sick (which wasn’t quite as much so), I’m finally getting caught up. I managed to get one more tatted snowflake done before the end of the year however (and to use up my pretty tinsel thread).

Threes Snowflake

This is a Ladytats pattern, named Threes Snowflake, for it’s easily remembered repeating counts of 3 used throughout. For needle tatting one of the joins is impossible to do with the needle, but accomplished easily enough with the aid of a crochet hook.

And a fun thing I made for a New Years party- melting snowman sugar cookies.

Help I'm meltiiiiiiing

Photo credit: Carrie Lee

While I’ve seen several versions of these now, I first ran across them on this blog and used her very yummy recipe. I didn’t have the patience to pick out that many colored sprinkles, nor were they sticking that well for me. So I used chocolate chips for the buttons, then melted a few and used a small paint brush to dot on the eyes. They were fun to make (and eat)!

  1. I found your tatting on! Now there’s yet another awesome crafting site to get lost in!

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