PieKnits Photoshoot

Photos from the PieKnits and Fake Plastic Design Photography mash up!
PieKnits designs
Finished object spotting and linkie goodness, photographed here:

Scarlet Woman Tank

Mirror shot

New mini top hat

  • Unblogged new teal mini top hat
  • Had to work my new petticoat- thanks sis!

Evelyn Vintage Tilt Hat

Stella Hat, version 2

LOTS more great shots on the Fake Plastic Design site here – www.treenamuir.com/

Treena Muir Photography

A huge thank you to my talented friend Treena for the photos and to her and my friend Mel for modeling as well!

Scrap lace cravat
A fun little sewing project I finally finished up for the photoshoot is this lace cravat. I found some wonderful huge bags of lace at a thrift store and make this from all random different scrap bits. I think it’d be fun to make another one and dye it in an unexpected color like lime green.

  1. I really enjoyed your photoshoot!

  2. Hi Jennifer, I am so glad I stumbled across your blog looking for the cable needle holder. I loved reading your blog. I am a crocheter but reading your blog was fun and I like your writing style. I kept wondering why people were asking you for Indian recipes. It took me some time to realise you are married to an Indian…duh! You are looking absolutely beautiful as an Indian bride. You are carrying the sari so wonderfully, much better than some young “modern” Indian girls here! I can only follow patterns and I think you are very clever to design your own.
    Have a nice day.
    Love, Sangeetha

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