Halloween 2012

Quick post recapping this years Halloween costume- Dia de los Muertos/Sugar Skull!
Dia de los muertos makeup
Had fun doing this makeup! I got to play with my different bright colored makeup (a lot of colored eye liners, eye shadows, bindis, and glitter liner). Originally I had put this costume together last year but ended up not using it. Since I was 5 months pregnant this year I figured the elastic skirt would work and a little addition, a “baby costume” pinned to my shirt.

Day of the Dead Halloween pregnant costume
Baby’s “first” Halloween. Again this year most of all this is a combination of thrifted, dollar store and my own closet pieces. For the top I tacked some ruffled lace around the neckline and the little baby sugar skull is a felt cut out with fabric paints and little pink bow pinned on. The hair decorations are from the dollar store with some thrifted feathers added in. The skirt is my fabulous 25 yard bellydance skirt, always fun to wear.

Sugar skull costume
As usual, took full advantage of my work’s green screen photo studio at this year’s Halloween party – yeay fun backgrounds!
Dia de los muertos

  1. Hi! Did you do this makeup with all eye shadow? I’m planning out a future costume makeup, and I’m thinking eye shadow is the way to go for my purposes. Did you use any specific brushes that you found helpful? Thanks in advance!

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