More Nursery

The nursery, it is starting to look like such! I’m also nearly as excited to be gaining the upper hand in the battle with my ever expanding To-Do list. Here’s a few things I was able to happily cross off.
Yellow floor pouf
Floor cushion or pouf for the glider, I couldn’t find one I liked in yellow so decided to knit one myself. I managed to get the all the yarn for this on sale for $14, total win. Most of these patterns call for super bulky yarn but I just used three strands of Lion Brand Homespun in Golden and two strands of Caron Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) in Yellow(ish)held together using US 15 needles. Total I used 3 balls of each brand (as a little less yardage in the Sheep(ish)).

I was inspired by the Puff Daddy’s Baby pattern but ended up using this Drops pattern as the short rows provided better shaping and easier to sew closed at the end. I just CO 28 stitches and worked in Seed Stitch instead of Garter.

I found a matching yellow sheet at the thrift store and wrapped it around an old balled up comforter to stuff the pouf. Worked great! I was originally going to fill it with bean bag Styrofoam balls but it would’ve required properly sewing more a liner than I felt up to. The comforter solution was much easier.

Side table parts
Next project, side table for the glider. Again, after not finding something I really liked and discovering these fantastic mid-century inspired tapered legs and angled mounting brackets (by Waddell and carried by Lowes, Home Depot and Ace in varying lengths), I decided to make my own. Hit the thrift store in the hopes of finding something that could work for the table top and came across this butcher block cutting board for $2.99, perfect!

Sanded out any old cut marks, drilled the pilot holes for the brackets, stained, assembled and painted the top (it took the stain too uneven for my tastes so now it matches the dresser) and was done!

Finished side table and rocking area
I’m so proud of it, and did it entirely by myself- yeay for girls with power tools!

$5 thrifted reworked lamp
And lastly another thrifted fixer-upper, lamp for the dresser/changing table area so don’t have to turn on the overhead light for night-time changes. It was originally unpainted and dinged up with a cracked lamp socket and no shade but was $5 and worked. So I used some wood filler on the scratches, sanded and then painted the fronts and backs (match the new curtains perfectly too, woohoo). My handy Mr. Fix-it Dad was kind enough to help pull the guts apart and replace the socket while visiting. (thanks Dad!) After a new shade it was done!

  1. Oh My!!! You have been busy! Everything looks amazing, can’t wait to see it all together!

  2. I love it! Especially the table, that is such a great idea. Can I ask you where you purchased the chair? I love the color.

  3. Time to nest!!! I love it.

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