The Craft Room: 6 Years Later

Remember my pristine craft room? Yeah it’s been well used in the intervening years.

This is actually a shot about half way through the clean out process (I had a blogger fail and forgot to get a true Before photo). It was bad though, and this clean-out/total reorganization is something I had been meaning to do for some time. My original system just didn’t work anymore and as a consequence stuff had descended into chaos.
Craft room makeover
I pulled everything out of the shelves, drawers, closet, etc and started sorting it into piles- fabric, patterns, craft items, yarn, fiber, jewelry, paper & art supplies and so on. Plus a Trash pile, a Donate pile and a What the Hell is it Doing in Here pile.

Half way through sorting
You can see the craft armoire is already emptied with items starting to be placed back inside.

Yarn closet disaster
The yarn closet was becoming a catch-all. I had also failed in my plan to start this before I was in my 3rd trimester and crawling around on the floor became more challenging to say the least. However I just kept plugging away a little bit each day and taking lots of breaks on the weekends.

All organized!
Craft Armoire organized
Each shelf has it’s own categorized items. On top I got some Ikea magazine holders to hold patterns (sewing, tatting, knitting, etc) and put print outs all into plastic sleeve binders. The little drawers on top holds pens and small craft items. The woven basket holds all my organized Jewelry supplies so I can just pull it out and all the little containers are together.

Little fabric stash
The part underneath the slide out sewing table holds my fabrics, felts, current sewing projects, notions, thread organizer, box of ribbons and bag o’ feathers.

Yarn Closet
Last but not least was organizing my entire yarn stash. I pulled out every skein I have and sorted them into lighter than worsted, worsted and bulky+ weights, plus tatting threads. I then may have rolled around in all the wooly goodness. After that I sat with my iPad and actually cataloged all the non-leftover balls into my Ravelry Stash page, yeay! You can’t see in the photo the little fabric box that holds all the small tatting threads together in one place or the hanging shoe organizer in the corner that holds all my fiber. An organizer on the floor holds current WIPs and a spare knitting bag holds all my embroidery floss and trims.

It really wasn’t that bad once I got going! In some ways being 8 months pregnant helped in forcing me to take breaks and not get overwhelmed. I think watching episodes of “Hoarders” to get in the proper “Clean All the Things!” mode works too. I’ve already completed several projects in my To-Do pile. It’s so much more enjoyable and inspiring when everything is easy to fine, clean and not crowded!

  1. You’re totally nesting! I’m 30 weeks this week and just reorganized mine 2 weeks ago. Feels great to have everything in its place. :)

  2. It looks awesome! I seriously need to work on mine. It was never super well organized to begin with, and it’s also my office since I work from home, so it doesn’t take much for things to get out of control but it’s really bad right now.

  3. Oh, now I get inspired to make my own craft stuff in order…right now it’s a mess!

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