Things for a Little One

Now that the nursery is coming together, I’ve been cranking out the baby knits. So cute! So fast! Lots of instant gratification!

Knitted pouf for nursery glider
First up is the Bitty Bump pattern, which I actually had zero mods on – a rarity for me. Great fast little pattern that only used up about 1 1/2 balls of Lion Brand Landscapes in Country Sunset. Too bad this yarn is discontinued because I love the colors. But I did get it on discount for $1 each, so hard to beat that!

Camilla Babe
This little sweater is the Camilla Babe pattern, love the texture in it. I worked this one up in the 3 month size.

I knit the sleeves first, flat to avoid purling- joining them in the round for the last couple rows to make seaming the underarms easier. It also saved me from having to break the yarn on the body, as I could just keep knitting, attaching the sleeves when needed.

I will say when first adding the sleeves to the yoke (since they are in the round at the join) it does make it a bit awkward and tight at first but it all works out.

Baby cloche
In matching yarn (Reynolds Signature), I had to have a hat of course. The Nola Petite pattern was so cute I couldn’t resist. I can see making this one in larger sizes too after outgrowing this 0-3 month one.

  1. Very cute! I really like the Camilla Babe sweater.

  2. Love these!!

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