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Mirabella Cardigan – Interweave Knits Spring 2008

Mirabella Cardigan - Copyright Interweave Knits
My latest design is now up in the Interweave Knits Preview! Introducing the Mirabella Cardigan, which was the little look I posted here.
Mirabella Cardigan - Copyright Interweave Knits
With this design I set out to mimic crisp lines and woven fabric details. I wanted the narrow ribbing to imitate small plackets which frame the prim button loops. Waist shaping is created with ‘princess seams’ and additional ribbing at the natural waist. The high collar is created using an easy double knit technique (I know, contain your shock).
The yarn is actually a Chunky weight so this knits up quite quickly too without looking heavy gauge.
Mirabella Cardigan - Copyright Interweave Knits
Mirabella Cardigan - Copyright Interweave Knits
Mirabella Cardigan - Copyright Interweave Knits
Finished Size 33 (37, 41, 45, 49)" bust circumference. Sweater shown measures 37". Choose a size as close to your actual bust measurement as possible; garment is intended to be worn with minimal ease.
Yarn Kolláge Hope Chunky (100% cotton; 80 yd [73 m]/56 g): just peachy, 7 (9, 10, 11, 12) skeins.
Needles Size 10 (6 mm): straight. Size 8 (5 mm): straight and 24" circular (cir). Size 2 (2.75 mm): 24" circular. Adjust needle size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge.
Notions Size J/10 (6 mm) crochet hook; markers (m); stitch holders; cable needle (cn); tapestry needle; thirteen 5⁄8" buttons.
Gauge 16 sts and 22 rows = 4" in St st on largest needle.
More shots on Flickr
A few more lame mirror modeled shots on my Flickr. ;)

FO: Axel Mitts for moi

When I first learned to knit I excitedly realized I could make myself some pairs of fingerless gloves to stave off the perpetual freezing office chill. Had I actually made myself a single pair since then? Nope. Now with finally a slight nip in the air (well some days) here in Texas I decided it was high time I whipped up a pair.

I’ve had these in my queue for some time. They’re the Axel Mitts by Blue Garter and are one quick knit. I like the folded over ribbing which can allow for either more dexterity or more warmth depending on what you’re doing, cozy!
The pattern calls for bulky yarn (handspun used in sample) but I had a good portion of a left over skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Hand Dyes which always seemed more on the corpulent side. I have mentioned I’m a little compulsive about using left overs right? This skein is from the Newsboy Cap completed way back.
This is also why I love my digital kitchen scale. Not only is it great for its intended application (*heart* Alton’s Brown’s books and metric weight cooking!) but it let me know I had exactly 76 grams to work with. So I figured I’d knit the first glove, weighting it until it reached as close to 38g as possible and see if it would be enough. Can you believe it worked out just near perfect? It helped I seemed to have a larger row gauge than the original.
I am a geek
See how much I had left over? Less than 1g, it didn’t even register on the scale. Awesome.

FO: Beaded Victorian Thimble Bag

It’s been said plenty, but the versatility of knitting really is awesome. I’m so charmed with my new thimble/amulet bag; it’s so wholly different looking and feeling than anything I’ve yet knit. Do not fear the tiny beads and 0000 size needles (yup that’s right) – this little bag really was easy. The pattern was part of our Dallas Hand Knitter’s Guild October program on Bead Knitting. Our presenter (and own guild member) Mary Jo Mundell stated she makes these in one day. While mine did take a little longer than that with intermittent spurts of progress it did go very quickly. Major bonus was Mary Jo sells kits for these with the beads pre-strung, praise be.
Click me
Oooh sparkley…
Sweaty at the fair, hoo boy
And speaking of Guild projects- here’s the picture of dorky me, my Circumnavigated Cardi and my State Fair of Texas ribbon as promised.
Well I’m off to tonight’s meeting on Steeking. I shall fear no scissors. Now if only for once I could get up to introduce our speakers and not forget half of everything I wanted to say on the spot, sigh.

Aveline Slouchy Hat Pattern

Aveline Slouchy Hat

Aveline Hat

Well this is a first. Never had a design not even make it to the blog (other than the sidebar) until it was finished before.

Coveting a cozy, slouchy style hat but not finding one that fit what I wanted, an idea took shape (more like took over). I had this entirely written up in the rough a couple months ago but all my actual knitting time was still devoted to deadline projects. Once I was free to start I was so eager to see it completed I knit like a fiend. Now I just want to wear it everywhere; I’m so in love with my new hat!
This really was an enjoyable knit too. While I was working along I’d actually find myself thinking “This is fun!” Awwh… quick, entertaining, interesting without being too boring or too complicated, and a wearable FO- can we really ask any more from a project?

The simple eyelet Shetland lace pattern is very easy to work. I don’t care for bunchy gathered style tops so the lace gradually decreases in pattern. Crown decreases in the pattern are provided as both written and charted instructions. I also included my new favorite invisible/tubular cast on in the round. With a little waste yarn and no new special techniques to learn it’s the easiest I’ve found.

And now a glut of photos since I suck at picking.

Myspace style shot *for shame*

The instant download rundown -after payment via Paypal you will be given a link to download the pattern. This link will also be emailed to you and will expire in 120 hours. For any questions about the pattern or whole download process please shoot me an email me at-!

Pattern previewPattern:
Aveline Slouchy Hat
Gauge: 18 sts and 23 rows = 4" in St st.
Sizes: Adult
Needle size: US Size 8 (5mm): 16″ circular and double pointed needles, US Size 5 (3.75mm): double pointed needles
Yarn: Cascade 220 (100% Wool; 220yds/201m per 100g/3.5 oz. skein) Color: #8509 Gray; 1 skein (approx. 150 yds)
Skill level: Advanced Beginner (Tubular CO, simple lace)
Price: $3.75
Format: PDF instant download pattern

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Celtic Tote now up in the IK Preview

Copyright Interweave Knits

I’m so excited to finally get to share my first Interweave Knits design – Celtic Tote!
You can view the entire Winter 2007 issue preview here. They’ve added all the sizing, materials and gauge information as well, a really nice feature.
Copyright Interweave Knits How this design came together was somewhat different for me, most of the time it’s an evolving process. This one however, I was just closing my eyes one day and it popped into my head. I knew I wanted to make exactly what I first envisioned. So I set to sketching out the knotwork design, then working the pencil and eraser (lots of eraser) to work out the charts. It feels like picking favorites with your children but I what can I say, I love it so much.
A few other little details, it’s hard to see from the photos but the cables continue twisting up into the handles. The base is double sided and has my friend, plastic mesh canvas, slipped inside for added structure. Outlines are worked by threading a contrasting strand of yarn around and underneath the cables.
Now I can’t wait to hold the actual magazine in my hot little hands!

Copyright Interweave Knits

Finished Size: 12″ wide at top edge, 14″ wide at bottom, 3 3/4″ deep at base, and 10 1/2″ tall from base to top edge (excluding strap), after felting.
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted (85% wool, 15% mohair; 190 yd [174 m]/113 g): #M08 wild oak (medium brown, MC), 3 skeins; #M151 chocolate soufflé (dark brown, CC), 1 skein.
Needles: Size 9 (5.5 mm): straight and 5 double-pointed (dpn). Adjust needle size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge.
Notions: Cable needle (cn); markers (m); stitch holders; tapestry needle; one sheet of plastic mesh canvas for stiffening base; one 5/8″ button.
Gauge: 16 sts and 24 rows = 4″ in St st before felting; about 18 1/2 sts and 27 1/2 rows = 4″ in St st after felting (your result may vary).
Under Back, after casting on and working 6 rows in rev St st it should read:
Next row: (RS) P7, place marker (pm), work Row 1 of Celtic Cable chart over next 21 sts (inc to 25 sts as shown on chart), pm, p8, pm, work Row 1 of Celtic Cable chart over next 21 sts (inc them to 25 sts as shown on chart), pm, p7–72 sts.
Edited to add: I also have a post up with a few notes, tips, tricks on the pattern here.

Birthday Boy

If I try to comment on this photo I will say something totally inappropriate
Mr. PieKnits birthday was Wednesday (Happy B-day sweetie!) and now I can finally share the secret knitting gift- a mohawk hat! Mr. PieKnits had lamented that with the whole corporate bag he couldn’t do anything really crazy to his hair so I figured this hat would be the perfect stand-in. I’m happy to report it was enthusiastically received.
I was originally going to make the hat as written in the Pretty in Punk book but quickly realized Mr. PieKnits was highly anti-earflaps (although I am quite fond of them and might need a matching hat myself). The pattern also had it worked in two halves then seamed, I’m assuming to facilitate the fringe placement but I wasn’t really digging the extra finishing idea. I also didn’t want to use wool for the base being Texas and all, and therefore it would need to be altered for that as well since it wouldn’t be shrinking. Then I got Adrian of Hello Yarn‘s pattern at Yarn School for a top down, any gauge no swatch hat- perfect. (It was crunch time here with very little bits of time to sneak in knitting.) The increases it creates are also pretty non-swirly so it worked great. The fringe is Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky which really felts perfectly for this type of thing.
He’s also pictured here with his other new birthday present- a custom pro-deck skateboard I had made. :)
Zoomed version a mouse click away
It was so worth the surprise.

Off-Kilter Bias Pixie Hat v.1 Pattern

Off-Kilter Bias Pixie Hat

Wow, finally a new pattern! Well ok, ‘new’ as in finally published. If we take a journey in the Way-Back Machine you’ll see this version of a design concept started some time ago. I had put the project on hold over summer, planning to work out version 2.0 (a non-pointy beanie) and release them together. Even though v.2.0 is still in the works I had a complete hat and pattern lying around and now that fall has suddenly landed in my lap, decided it was time to actually do something with it. Both versions will eventually be released. Although I confess, this originally unintended version has grown on me to the point (haha, get it?) that it’s my favorite.

Off-Kilter Bias Pixie Hat

Off-Kilter v.1 is worked flat on a bias and then seamed allowing the diagonal ribbing to keep all its normal ‘elastic’ properties. The yarn’s (Di.Ve’ Teseo) long striping color repeats create a cool alternating diagonal effect as well. After popular request, this hat is also offered in a child size which in my humble opinion I think would look freaking adorable, heh.

Off-Kilter Hat knitting pattern

The instant download rundown -after payment via Paypal you will be given a link to download the pattern. This link will also be emailed to you and will expire in 120 hours. For any questions about the pattern or whole download process please shoot me an email me at-!

Pattern previewPattern:
Off-Kilter Bias Pixie Hat v.1
A funky pointed hat, Off-Kilter v.1 is worked flat on a bias and then seamed.
Gauge: 24 sts and 21 rows = 4" in St st.
Sizes: Child (Adult)
Needle size: US size 10/6 mm
Yarn: Di.Ve’ Teseo by Cascade Yarns (53% Wool / 47% Micro Fiber; 98yds/90m per 50g/1.75 oz. skein) Color: #39360 Grape Leaves; 1(1 or 2, see Note) skein(s)
[Note: for adult size if you would like to keep your swatch you may need 2 balls]
Skill level: Beginner (Inc/dec in pattern)
Price: $3.75
Format: PDF instant download

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Fell off the wagon

New hair under-dye job too!

I had been good. I’ve been on a strict deadline knitting diet for the last 3 months. But I finally caved and had a fast and furious donut binge of a knitting project. It had been sitting there on my Ravelry que, taunting me- “Molly’s Headband” by Pam Allen from IK Summer 2006.

Jen's Headband now

I had yet to actually knit anything from my first spinning attempts. I mean come on, how could I resist for much longer? This was worked in the handspun single I mentioned here. It’s all self-striping and stuff, wee!
When I started spinning I was all excited about spinning the yarn and totally did not realize how entertaining knitting with the actual stuff is! Spinning is still a bit of a mystery to me, knitting I know however. It’s like getting a little bit of the mystery revealed when knitting it up and truly seeing how the yarn behaves and how all these variables fit together.

I’ve been working seemingly endless stretches of stockinette lately so a little taste of lace was very satisfying. The only mods I did were for the ties. I wasn’t digging the 24″ of I-cord so I just added a YO at each end and strung 3 stands through it and did a simple braid. This saved yardage too with the headband coming in at 7g, so I should have enough of this skein left to make some other little thing as well.
Crappy photo, blame the thunderstorms

I have a confession to make

I cannot knit scarves.
Sadly it’s true; I apparently lack the patience to knit a long repeating rectangle. My pathetic first ever garter stitch scarf attempt is proof of this. I made it to about 4 inches and then went “OK, that’s enough of that.” Now with the new Harry Potter movie/book coming out this has been the cause of much angst as I embrace my dorkieness and totally wanted a scarf to wear. Now I know I could probably buy one but I’m even worse about buying something I could make. So I set to brain storming and then it came to me.
The Harry Potter In-a-Hurry Scarf
Finger knitting – the ultimate in painless knitting! I blogged on this super easy method before and it makes a nice hair wrap/skinny scarf. I might also mention that I have no time to knit a gigantic stockinette scarf as well so this was perfect. I immediately knew trying to work in tons of ends was not an option either and so I cheated. I cut strips to the size I wanted and tightly knotted the ends together trimming any excess. Hey this isn’t an heirloom. I usually adhere to the ‘No Knots’ decree but with a few exceptions. (Such as in the String bag, really how the heck else would you join a new ball in that pattern?) Also got to sport my sweet Harry and The Potters shirt, which I highly recommend you see if they are playing in your area- hilarious.
I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

Hurry up and wait

I’ve blocked out time for several knitting deadlines but am waiting on the yarn a little longer than I had anticipated. This always leaves me not wanting to delve into anything that requires a decent amount of brain power only to abandon it shortly. I just can’t seem to wait idle though- enter String bag.
What happens when an FO image takes hold
I’ve been wanting to make a version of one these for forever. We buy lots of fresh veggies and thus the plastic bags accumulate rapidly with the frequent grocery store trips. Also in our new location we now have an organic grocer/farmer’s market right next to us on my way home. I was so ridiculously pleased about that. So anyway- I’d been imagining keeping this bag tucked in car but now we are also leaving for a 10 day southern California road trip and I decided that I must have this bag for the beach as well.
Click me
Pattern: Saturday Market Bag from June 2006 MagKnits
Yarn: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in 159121 (2 balls)
Needles: US 15 and US 10 Denise
Modifications: Inspired by the modifications on disdressed’s blog here I converted it to a two strap bag as well. I also made it a little smaller although not as much. I made the strap longer too as I like to wear it cross-shoulder. Do take note though, the strap stretchs A LOT so make it shorter than you think. I changed the construction to work it top down in the round (on 77 sts) and then use a three-needle bind-off to close the bottom. Yeay for no seaming, as sewing that stitch pattern did not look enjoyable.
Having a mirrored wall sure aids in self-portraits
Pacific Ocean here I come!