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A Few Things

Just a few things I’m working on/finished lately.

After over two three years(!) as a languishing Work In Progress, I finally picked back up this Cloud Bolero. The pattern is no longer available (except via the Internet Wayback Machine) and has been rewritten as Liesl. And while this updated pattern really is far better in layout and ease of construction I just liked the look of the bulkier original better (and the raglan decreases). So I plowed on past the somewhat confusing amount of stitch markers, beyond the point where I had originally given up on it after repeated mistakes. I actually have this one completed now and just need to get finished photos, it was worth sticking with it.

Cloud Bolero

This is just a quick TV-knitting, stash-busting project. Will be a Felted Flower Bowl that I’ve made in a smaller size to be a jewelry holder on my vanity desk. I only hate running a whole laundry load for one little thing to felt (being too lazy to do it by hand). I may have to make another hat to felt with it. See I totally justify my felt hat addiction.


And some tatting! It was kismet finding this cute pattern for Little Owl Earrings for an owl obsessed friend right before her birthday. Made using my tea-stained crochet cotton thread on a size 7 tatting needle.

Little Owl Tatted Earrings

And a picture of Mr. Floppy Ear, Aejaz – just because.

Aejaz cuttest puppy in the world

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Perhaps knit up one of my Heart Rings. :-D


I received my swap package from my partner for the 1950s Inspired Swap I participated in on! This was actually my first craft swap (an irresistible theme) and a great experience. I think it really helps to get some creative ideas going and to try a few different things too.

Fair warning, lots of photos to follow.

First up some beautiful cloth napkins, adorable crocheted flower (I’m so rocking
this hair accessory) and the most amazing tie purse in a tiki-esque
print. I love it! (This picture does not do it justice either.)

Vintage style romper, how cute is this?! Just in time for our seemingly never ending 100+ degree heat wave.

Vintage style romper

Embellishment detail

Embellishment detail

And an altered polka dot (my fav!) tee with bow sleeves.

Altered polka dot tee

And now the parade of items I made for the Swap.

Needle book from some thrifted vintage fabric I had. I’m getting more and more confident in my beginner sewing abilities. Now I need to make one of these for myself, handy!

Needle Book

Another pillbox version of my Dose design, this time in teal (my swap partner’s favorite color). It’s easy to play with the demisions of this pattern. This one is probably in between the original and the shorter, wider version I made before. It has loops sewn inside for bobby pins and little teal polka dot bows for trim.

Teal pill box hat with polka dot bows

Dose pillbox pattern in teal

A pair of lace and “pearl” earrings. The lace is needle tatted from fine crochet cotton.
I acutally just free formed this simple design.

"Pearl" and tatted lace earrings

Retro makeup bag in Classic Elite’s Sundance with a vintage glass button closure. This was a nice interesting knit that went relatively fast. It was great for traveling.

Retro makeup bag

Another piece I may have to recreate for myself, it was hard to part with, haa. This little fascinator/cocktail hat was actually salvaged from a failed felting project that I had saved for that purpose. Cut the base out from it, attached the furry leopard print ribbon and made a little bow from ribbon and netting.

Little cocktail hat

Cocktail leopard print hat

Aaaand the whole kit n’ caboodle with some small gifties for her little boy and a teal flower broach.

1950s Inspired Swap package

Never Say Never

I recently came across an older blog post of mine with a meme asking what types of crafts you were or were not interested in. I was amused to see “lace making, jewelry making, and tatting” listed under “I’ve got absolutely no interest”. Funny since those are exactly what I’ve used in these necklace pieces for my Bellydance recital.

Tatted pieces and 1 finished necklace

I love love our dance this year. We did a steampunk/burlesque inspired piece to the song Tempest by Voltaire. I also love Voltaire, I got to see him do that song live so it was extra cool to perform to it.
We made our entire costumes, with my very talented teacher (also a blogging knitter!) making the bulk of everything- for all of us. I’ll post more on the full costume later as I’m really proud of my first ever “real” sewn garment using an actual pattern (a Turkish vest).

Finished necklace, ready for Steampunk Bellydance performance!

Of course since I love costuming and this genre so much I immediately decided I wanted to take on making necklaces for everyone incorporating some tatting. The fantastic octopus pieces my teacher put together and supplied the beads and keys. I found the other findings and modified a simple medallion pattern for the tatted motif. These are what I made from the tea-stained thread I posted on earlier (a perfect match for the charms!). I then stiffened them with fabric spray stiffener.

We preformed Saturday and it was a blast; I can’t wait to get the video! Also now that it’s all finished, all my other projects can be taken off hold. There was rather a lot of last minute crafting- isn’t there always?

Tatted Headband

A little idea I had.

Tatted headband

I used this pattern for the motif in Size 20 thread. Only modified it slightly to avoid the split ring in the beginning and to make it symmetrical. For the band part I just took my crochet hook and made a simple chain (it’s faster) and worked little loops at the ends.

Ribbon closure

I then threaded some ribbon through the loops to be able to tighten the band around my head and tie at the back. I think another version with beads would be yummy too.


Well once I found tatting needles that work with yarn, this inevitable attempt was obvious. Of course I had to combine tatting and knitting, and for what else? A hat.

I had this idea of an open lacework slightly slouchy hat with an attached brim in ribbing. So I searched different doily patterns as a starting point and chose this one. I improvised an extra row to make it larger and hoped once blocked it’d be sufficient size.

It looks pretty blocking no?

I then calculated the number of ribbing stitches I’d need and how to space them out when casting on and picking up along the hat edge.

um, don't think soThen I tried it on once it was all done. Yeah, not quite the vision I had.

The outer row of tatting is too open and while it looks OK while laying flat, with the attached knitting it gets pulled out of shape. I think it looks like crown points or something, bleh.

Although I didn’t mind if it was fairly open (summer hats are more useful in Texas) it’s not nearly substantial enough for my liking. Plus it could be bigger/slouchier. I do think it has some potential though. Unfortunately tatting is not as easy to undo as knitting but if I cut out the last round, rework it tighter and add another round then redo the knitting it may still work. We shall see.

Has some potential to be pretty

One More

After the holidays at home (which were lovely), a trip to Vegas (which was awesome) and then getting sick (which wasn’t quite as much so), I’m finally getting caught up. I managed to get one more tatted snowflake done before the end of the year however (and to use up my pretty tinsel thread).

Threes Snowflake

This is a Ladytats pattern, named Threes Snowflake, for it’s easily remembered repeating counts of 3 used throughout. For needle tatting one of the joins is impossible to do with the needle, but accomplished easily enough with the aid of a crochet hook.

And a fun thing I made for a New Years party- melting snowman sugar cookies.

Help I'm meltiiiiiiing

Photo credit: Carrie Lee

While I’ve seen several versions of these now, I first ran across them on this blog and used her very yummy recipe. I didn’t have the patience to pick out that many colored sprinkles, nor were they sticking that well for me. So I used chocolate chips for the buttons, then melted a few and used a small paint brush to dot on the eyes. They were fun to make (and eat)!

Gift Tatting

Well now that we’re safely past Xmas I can share a couple items I made as gifts.

First up is the Stumpy bookmark by Kersti Anear. This went to my voracious reader friend who made me the awesome carmels and blogs over at The Joy of The Joy of Cooking.

Tatted bookmark

This was tatted in Lizbeth’s Cordonnet Cotton Thread, Size 20 with a size 7 tatting needle. I found literally brushing the fringe with a comb worked well to neaten it.

Next is a pair of earrings I made for my mom who was sweet enough to request a pair (the black Quadrille earrings were also for her).

Mom's earrings

These were based off of this free pattern. I found a version online (now forget where unfortunately) that modified the bottom rings to graduate in size. Mine also looks different from the original as I still have not figured out how to throw a ring, but I like this look. Again this is Lizbeth’s size 20, in a pretty turquoise with matching seed beads.

Next up, finished Rogue photos!

Have a Happy New Year everyone!

Hobby Crossover

Look what my talented belly dance teacher made me, swarovski crystal stitch markers! So pretty. I never seem to have enough stitch markers so these are perfect. She’s started her own knitting blog too over at

Pretty swarovski crystal stitch markers!

I tatted this pendant up for her. When I found these jewelry pieces I immediately wanted to incorporate them into a tatted piece. The pattern is Tutu Motif from I strung the teardrop dangles onto the tread then added picots to the design to work them in. The Hand of Fatima is then hung from the center via a jump ring.

Hand of Fatima

And I scored the mother-load of homemade caramels!

Homemade caramels!

My friend is amazing at candy making (something that’s always bested me). She so generously sends out these Xmas packages of her goodies each year. She’s been doing a cook-through blog of The Joy of Cooking, check it out at

I’m so lucky to know such talented people!

Black Work

Love the shape of this one, it goes perfect with scoop neck tops too.

Half Moon Dreaming

This is the Half Moon Dreaming pattern from Elegantly done pattern, I like how the outer edge cleverly transitions into the necklace “chain” using a split ring. I don’t care for the hiding ends part, so the less the better.

Love this one

And another pair of Quadrille earrings in black with iridescent blue beads.

Both of these pieces were worked in Lizbeth’s Cordonnet Cotton Thread, Size 20 with a size 7 tatting needle.

Tatting fiend!

Tatted earrings in black with blue beads

See more of my tatting work here.

Sparkles Make Everything Better

Let It Snow…

Tatted sparkly beaded snowflake

Actually you know what, that’s OK. I still don’t miss the northern cold and ickiness even now 7(!) years later in Texas.


But fake snowflakes are still pretty. And when I found this sparkly, almost tinsel wrapped, crochet cotton at the thrift store I knew it’d be perfect (although hard to photograph). I also had these thrifted vintage clear seed beads and along with some new larger silver ones, were just what I needed to work this pattern (scroll down).

I’m thinking of making some more as gifts as well as some for our own tree, which conveniently has a snowflake theme already.

If you are interested in tatting there are looots of snowflake patterns out there, in books as well as online (Google is your friend here). It’s a bit of a classic motif.

Don’t forget the Holiday Pattern Sale going on until Friday (12/3). All patterns 15% off!